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DMOZ is Dead

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

- Google has dropped DMOZ.

- DMOZ itself was dead for editors for most of 2006.

- It contains a lot of stale links, even though the site has an auto-404-checker.

Why should anyone ever use DMOZ?

There’s only ONE reason. It will give you a one-way link from a page with a potentially high Google pagerank. DMOZ itself has a PR 8, so depending where your leaf is in the DMOZ tree, your referring page will inherit a portion of that. Depending also on the number of links already on the page, your page will get a boost from Google.

Forget getting any substantial traffic from DMOZ unless you’re ranked near the top.

The real use of DMOZ as an authority on the best sites on the web, manually edited, is long gone. Good sites are springing up with such frequency that the petrified molass known as the DMOZ editor has not a chance to catch up.

The editors themselves are a bunch of nigh-nosed, sadistic, power-addicted slobs. As an editor, be prepared that your pages will get random edits by other metas, most submissions will get discarded even if they’re way better than the lot already on the page you’re submitting to, other editors will not even respond to your suggestions, your editor account will get deleted for no reason, and DMOZ itself will not work for months on end. Hallelujah!

Don’t we have other, more important work to do? And why am I writing this article in the first place. Let’s move on.

DMOZ Editor Server Dead (Open Directory Project – ODP)

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

DMOZ editors can’t log in since the 20th of October 2006. Their editor server is down. coinstar tax Coinstar Money Transfer, Information About Abobo market retail Today’s the 10th of November and they’re still “frantically trying” to get their server back up. I would think that loading a backup onto (a) replacement server(s) shouldn’t be much of a deal, but it seems it is. Either there was no backup (cough), or there’s no money for repairing the servers or buying some new ones. Judging by past time-to-act of DMOZ when applying for inclusions, it might be months, nay YEARS ;-) till DMOZ editors are allowed back in. In the meantime, nothing is being edited. Life at usual at DMOZ?

Is there anyone there?