Dans Movies


Dirty Dancing

Er, Dance Movies would be a better term than “Dans Movies”? Isn’t ‘Dans’ Frenchlish I would imagine? Or are we really talking about “Dan’s Movies”, which, upon looking up what it was, doesn’t have much correlation with this post.
Well dance has been incorporated into movies for as long as movies exist. Dance goes hand in hand with music, so the logical fusion of both elements was the musical. The dance and music styles usually reflects the styles of the era the movie was made in. Even though the dances used are pretty old – Mambo in “Dirty Dancing”, Tango in “Tango Lesson”, or Salsa in “Salsa”, they are updated to the style danced at the time they were made.

Hits of the past decades:

* A Chous Line
* Flashdance
* Dirty Dancing
* Moulin Rouge
* Shall We Dance
* Strictly Ballroom
* Salsa (1988)
* Saturday
Night Fever

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