How to get Free Ringtones

This is all about: Cingular Ringtones, Nextel Ringtones, AT&T ringtones, Tracfone ringtones, Downloadable ringtones, Samsung Ringtones, Sanyo Ringtones, RTTTL ringtones, Nokia Ringtones and Ericsson Ringtones, I730 ringtones, Audiovox ringtones.

Where to get free ring tones from? Not such an easy job, since: ring tones are BIG BUSINESS!

Record companies and others have discovered that people’s egos open up their wallets to such an extent that a ringtone for a song can sometimes earn more than a single. People’s willingness to pay premium prices for ringtones, coupled with their rapid staleness, make them so lucrative.

But you can get FREE RINGTONES. Here is my list of possibilities for ring tones for free:

Disclaimer: This article makes no claim as to the legality of the methods described in your specific case. It’s up to you determine which one of these methods is legal in your country and to adhere to the law.

1) Peer to peer networks such as Kazaa, EDonkey and Bittorrent offer ringtones “for free”, but there is a legality issue in many countries. To date, a download is legal in Switzerland, for example, but an upload is not.

2) Convert a song from a CD (WAV format) or MP3 you already own into a ringtone using a ringtone convertor. A good free audio grabber from CD or line is, well, Audiograbber. A cheap MP3 to ringtone convertor is here. A free ringtone convertor is here.
3) Convert an online radio oder video clip audio into a ringtone using a tool to convert an audio stream into MP3 format. Here is a list of tools which do this.

4) Play the tune yourself on an electronic instrument or get someone to play it for you and convert that recording into a ring tone.

5) Go to artists’ sites which sometimes offer promo audio or video and use this to generate a ringtone (you just need a snippet, not the whole song anyway). Many songs are in Adobe Flash format (either as audio or combined with video) and you’ll need a utility to extract the audio out of the flash. Look here for some.

6) If you’re not after ring tones based on songs but rather on sound effects, there are thousands of effects on synthesizer sound banks, ready for download on the web (google them), all over the airwaves, MTV, and CD’s.

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