Resetting HP Q3964A Image Drum on 2550L Printer

My HP 2550L color laser printer has been serving me well for the past three years. The “imaging drum low” light had been on for a while when suddenly BAM, the printer refused to print anymore. “REPLACE IMAGING DRUM”. Crap. this part is expensive!

A google search revealed an interesting article on how to reset your image drum by just pressing a few keys on the printer on startup:

Nope, this DOES NOT WORK!

A search on E-Bay revealed Dubber Toner:

They sell a replacement chip for the drum for under $10 and a small shipping fee (cheapest by far). Replacing the chip is simple: it’s a tiny dark-greeish rectangle with two large square gold contacts. This is causing the grief. Pry it off with a screwdriver and stick on the new chip with the reel-off self adhesive strip.

DONE! Back in Business!
The drum works like new!!!

Now while I was waiting for the chip to be delivered (this took 2 weeks to arrive in Europe), I checked out the new printer offerings of Hewlett-Packard. The 3600N caught my attention. Interestingly enough, buying this new printer is cheaper than getting replacement supplies for my old 2550L:

- it comes delivered with FULL 4000-sheet toners!

- It’s a single-pass printer (all four colours get done in a single pass instead of four as in the 2550L), hence much faster
- Printer quality is better

- Much quieter than the 2550L

- Pro-style paper tray

- A real LCD-display instead of those horrible LED’s

- No printer drum: It’s integrated into each toner cartridge

- Ethernet connector: Use it as a network printer!
- Did I mention it’s wicked fast?!!

To summarize: I will use up all my supplies on the 2500L and then use my new 3600N exclusively.

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