Teac HD-15 Digi Drive Review

In a nutshell: I do not recommend getting the Teac HD-100 Digi Drive.

It works ok with memory cards of low capacity, but it’s pretty iffy in those situations where you 4seohunt.com/www/www.romanvirdi.com cannot afford to lose even a single picture.

Having always relied on my laptop to store my digital pictures off camera, I stumbled upon Teac’s HD-15 (and it’s offspring offering over 100GB of hard-drive storage). It has slots for most media (XD is missing) and seemed simple and functional enough, so I bought a copy. All you can do is turn the device on and off (nice near-instantaneous readiness) and initiate a COPY by pressing a dedicated button. The device detects the card inserted and copies all it’s files onto the hard drive, displaying a progress indicator in percent. So well, so good. My field test during a three week trip to Brazil was to prove otherwise…


1) Does not display the data volume of cards filled above 999MB of data. It does copy the data, but I had the nagging feeling that it would drop stuff. The second time I copied a nearly full 2 GB SD card, I guess I somehow corrupted it’s hard drive. My computer refused to recognize it anymore.

2) Slow transfer: A nearly full 2 GB SD card took about 25 minutes to copy. I can’t begin to imagine how long a 16 GB CF card would take (although I doubt whether the HD-100 could handle it in the first place).
3) Beware the battery meter. It can jump from almost full to empty during the lengthy copy of a card. The device will just shut off. There is no feedback whether the data was copied successfully or not. The device turns off when you don’t use it for a short amount of time, so it’s very dangerous to leave the Digi Drive to copy your card unattended! When you look again, the device livestrong.com might be off, and you won’t know whether it copied the data or the battery petered out. Yuck!

4) Customer support is appalling. My email query to TEAC Germany was not answered at all.

5) No verification possible: There is no way to view the files on the Digi Drive except to connect a computer.

So all in all an appallingly insecure device. If you can afford to potentially lose your shots, it might be fine. But I’m reverting back to my laptop. If anyone wants my copy, drop me a line.

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