Wedding Photographer Switzerland

For Wedding Photography in all of Switzerland I recommend Traumfoto Swiss Wedding Photography , the photographer speaks English and has his recent work under display at his Wedding Photography Blog.
Finding a good wedding photographer is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, this has nothing to do with finding a wedding photographer in Switzerland. Whether in Zurich, Lucernce, Interlaken, Berne, Basle, Zug, Schwyz, Aargovia or in New York or London – the criteria are similar or the same.

These are:

1) Do you like the results the wedding photographer provides, namely the photography and possibly the wedding album?

2) Does he have the right price range? He may be too expensive for your budget  or he may be cheap? Too cheap? Don’t skimp on price. What would you rather have: A cheap photographer who delivers bad pictures or one who costs twice as much but delivers great results? Ten years down the road you won’t care about the price but will care about the results.

3) Do you like his personality? A ratty photographer who takes good pictures can ruin a wonderful day. Is he friendly or stuffy? Rigid or flexible? Does he respond quickly or slowly or not at all? How does he dress? Does he take control of the wedding or is he an observer?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience (for many, anyway), and you want to be sure that the pictures you get for your money are going to capture that day in the spirit with which it was celebrated.

You probably DO want some staged pictures, with your coinstar coupon Coinstar Money Transfer, Information About Cambiamos cucuta centro parents, in-laws, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, best friends. But you don’t want all your pictures staged. A photographer who grabs each guest in turn and asks them to cheese for a snapshot. That will bug your guests and you’ll get a lot of cheesy pics.

Capturing the spirit of the occasion requires that you get a photographer who is good at photojournalism – that he or she is at the right place at the right time and presses the shutter button. This is only possible through experience which gives the photographer a certain foresight or anticipatory vision, so to speak.

Digital photographs, as analog photographs on film, don’t come out perfect right out of the camera. They might be good, but lack that certain edge which would qualify them to become great pictures. In the digital age, photoshop and a host of other software are mandatory tools for all professional photographers and you need to hire someone who is proficient in these tools. Photoshop is large and powerful and most users know and use only a fraction of it’s power. On the other hand, it is difficult for a layperson to judge a photographer’s photoshop skills.
So good luck in finding a wedding photographer in Switzerland – or anywhere for that matter!

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